Our print services span the entire spectrum of the industry. If someone can produce it, we can design it. We are happy to work with your production vendors or use our own. Projects range from design only to all-inclusive. Whatever your needs, we are happy to accomodate you.

Because we work with national print vendors, our prices are usually much lower than local sources. Feel free to compare our print rates with your local provider.

Quantity Ordered
Product Ordered
Business Cards (4/4 14pt. Cardstock)
Postcards 4x6 (4/4 14pt. Cardstock)
Flyers | Half Page 8.5x5.5 (4/4 14pt. Cardstock)
Flyers | Full Page 8.5x11 (4/4 100lb. Text)
Brochures 8.5x11 Tri-Fold (4/4 100lb. Text)

Please contact Stimulant Design Studio to arrange a consultation. Once we know about your project and its' requirements, we will provide you with a detailed estimate of our services and/or products.

Business Card Design
Estimate: 1-4 hours @ $75/hr

Card+Envelope+Letterhead Design
3-6 hours @ $75/hr

Postcard/Flyer Design
Estimate: 2-6 hours @ $75/hr

Brochure Design
Estimate: 2-6 hours @ $75/hr

The more you can inform your customers about your products and/or services, the more likely they are to do business with you. Strong print materials make sales a breeze. A logical and appealing layout does the majority of the work for you.