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In the world of business, your image is everything. Your image can tell your customer that you are smart & sophisticated, simple & down to earth, or unique & exciting. Poorly designed products such as logos, business cards, flyers, etc. can communicate an unwanted message to your clients. A strong unified image will do wonders for your new or existing business. Let our creative professionals show you how to stimulate your business.

This website will give you a basic understanding of logo creation, print design, web design, and advertising. All of these services are based upon your identity or brand and help solidify your image with your customers. Continue through our site to learn how you can excite your clients with a powerful image and the appropriate print, web and advertising products.

Stimulant Design Studio takes pride in our passion for effective communication design and carries that passion to our clients. We teach you why certain elements work and what would work best in your application. Furthermore, we are focused on the whole package. This provides you with all the services needed for the completion of your project, including content development and professional photography.

A local energy cooperative needed a new design and content management system. We created a ColdFusion solution that integrates their legacy systems with the new web and application server.

Diamond Auto Spa
The largest car wash in Northern Virginia wanted a valid XHTML/CSS site to showcase their business.

January 15, 2007
Our resources are engaged on a full-time contract. We are currently accepting small projects that do not require a rushed turnaround. Please contact us for more information regarding our availability.